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Simply impenetrable. The world’s first all-around secure, military-grade cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

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Military Grade Durability
The first hardware wallet that meets US militarystandard MIL-STD-810G with IP68 waterproof rating & IK9 certification.

Next-Generation Security
A proprietary bank-grade encryption chip with tailored firmware that meets BIP 32, 39, and 44 protocols to ensure that your private key is stored in the encryption chip at all times.

No Point of Attack
Completely air-gapped to keep your transactions safe from hackers. Elimination of WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC/Bandwith capabilities to prevent all attack attempts from the network.

We didn’t stop there.
For 360 degrees of total security, we considered all possible hacking methods and their prevention.

  • Self-destruct mechanism to prevent circuit hacks
  • Web authentication to prevent supply chain attacks
  • Firmware upgrade via TF card for maximum security
  • Multi-Signature for Added Security
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