Sphere Air Purifier

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The Duux Sphere provides your workplace with clean air through ionization. Pour some scent oil in the aroma cup to provide the room with a pleasant scent. Thanks to the LED lighting on top, it can also be used as a night lamp.
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Your personal Air Purifier
Particles, pollen, odours, smoke: you’re not usually aware of it, but the air we breathe is full of it! Worse still, indoor air is three to five times more polluted than outdoors. And if you consider that we spend 90% of our time indoors … an air purifier can hardly be called a luxury item!

Compact and personal
Keep your personal surrounding clean and save space in style: that is what Sphere is all about. This compact, elegant air purifier is perfect for smaller areas and can even travel with you when you switch rooms.

Besides removing, Sphere can also add to the air as it doubles as a vaporizer for essential oils! Just add a couple of drops of aromatherapy to the oil tank and enjoy relaxing aromas throughout the room.

Double layer filter protection
The built-in ionizer releases negative ions into the air to capture tiny particles and pull them into the HEPA filter to produce clean air. The active carbon also removes harmful gasses and unpleasant smells like tobacco smoke.

Lights on
The additional nightlight sets a mystic mood and creates extra convenience during the evening and night. All Sphere’s settings can be adjusted with a single button operation.


  • Dimensions – 20 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Weight – 1.0kg
  • Rated power – 0-2.5w
  • HEPA+Activated Carbon filter
  • CADR – 68m³/hr
  • Built-in ionizer
  • LED nightlight
  • Silent operation (<32dBa)
  • Removal efficiency – 90-99,97%
  • Effective area – up to 10m2
  • Aromatherapy cup
  • Including USB plug
  • Low energy consumption

Separately available

  • Aromatherapy, replaceable HEPA + active carbon filter. Our advice is to replace it every 4,500 hours. This can be ordered by clicking the products down here.
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