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Evapolar evaSMART Air Cooler


Evapolar evaSMART Air Cooler

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The efficient and green EvaSMART is an air conditioner, a humidifier and an air purifier all in one controlled by your voice or the app!
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evaSMART from evapolar is a personal air cooler that gives you a comfortable and healthy microclimate, is extremely climate friendly as well as very affordable to buy and operate.

evaSMART is based on evapolar's unique, patent-protected filter technology that prevents bacteria and fungus growth ­– avoid the copy products.

COOLER: Natural and bacteria-free evaporative cooling lowers the temperature by (up to) 10 degrees (C), in a 4 m2 zone in the children's room, by the couch, in the bedroom, at the desk, the workplace and in the camping tent.

CLEANER: Cleans the air of dust particles for better indoor climate and comfort.

HUMIDIFIER: Humidifies the air and thus creates a better indoor climate, even in winter where heating creates a dry indoor climate in homes and offices. Prevents dry eyes and skin.

INDIVIDUAL LIGHTING: Adjust the built-in LED light to match the ambiance or interior. You can also make playlists with different colors, adjust the brightness, or completely turn it off.

SIMPLE OPERATION AND SMART OPERATION: User-friendly control panel on the device itself, requiring only cold tap water plus only 12W power from a USB, power bank or regular outlet. Enhanced experience through the Evapolar’s App as well as voice control with Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Apple Smart Home.

Covers up to 4 m2, i.e. a double bed, a small sofa area, a large desk, even a small meeting room (see the other evapolar models if need is smaller).

One-year warranty. English user manual. Online support from


Cooling and functionality
Coverage area Up to 3 m2
Cooling power Up to 1360 BTU per hour / up to 400 W
Volumetric flow rate 55.1 CFM
Water tank refill cycle 4-9 hours
Evaporative cartridge life expectancy Up to 1000 hours (depends on air & water quality)
Prevents growth of bacteria & mold Yes
External tubes/drainage No
Operation of device Menu control wheel with election of colors in water tank, brightness, snooze and temperature parameter. Optional remote control via evapolar’s mobile App.
Dimensions & weight
Dimensions 207 x 217 x 184 mm
Weight, empty 1820 g
Weight, filled 3120 g
Portable Yes
Power consumption and noise level
Power supply MicroUSB 5V/2A, 220-volt adaptor
Power consumption 12 W
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 21-37
Noise level 25-40 db
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