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With Eve Energy Strip, individually control three outlets with the app (iOS), Siri or with Apple Home. Sync lighting and comfort tech with your daily rhythm.

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Make multiple devices smart at the same time with the Eve Energy Strip. You can connect this smart socket to Apple Homekit, so you can control all connected devices with Siri or Apple HomePod. You can switch devices on or off with your voice or via an app. Turn on lights when you're not at home, for example. Or reduce your power consumption by completely switching off a television and audio system. With this Eve smart plug, you can set timers to automate all of those tings. The Energy Strip remembers the timers, so they'll also work without WiFi. The smart power strip also protects against voltage spikes and overvoltage. Your equipment will also be safe during a thunderstorm.

Smart Triple Outlet & Power Meter with surge, overvoltage, overcurrent protection, Apple HomeKit technology.

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