Invi Self-Defense Bracelet

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The Invi bracelet offers a nonviolent form of self-defense. When activated, the bracelet releases a foul smell to deter aggressors and alarm others.

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Material RVS, Italian leather
Measurements Length: 34 mm, diameter: 7 mm

Use scents for nonviolent self-defense
In nature, smell has proven to be an effective form of self-defense. Invi made the leap from biology to technology in a stylish way. In the form of a sleek bracelet, Invi enables you to walk around with the confidence of knowing you can defend yourself without using violence.

A repellent scent
After activation, the gas-like smell can be noticed within seconds and evokes a disgust reaction. This is an underestimated but very powerful human emotion as it serves to warn us for danger. The scent works disturbing, repellent and could result in a ‘flight’ reaction. However, reactions differ per person. According to academic research, the smell in the Invi Bracelet is safe to use and has a negative effect on sexual arousal. Furthermore, can the smell reach over 100 meters distance and can help to alarm others in the surrounding.

One size fits all
Due to the adjustable clasp, the Invi Bracelet fits perfectly on 99% of all wrist sizes. One extension piece is included and you can always ask for an extra extension piece (free of charge) to enlarge the bracelet to plus size.

Three easy steps
1. Press the safety button, only now can the bracelet be activated.
2. Pull with force, until the bracelet breaks. One time use!
3. Use scents for defense and to alarm others.

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