Canvas II

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Show off what you love in lifelike detail. Bring an ever-changing library of 30,000+ works to your wall—and your own photography—all in one frame. Available in 4 different colours.

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The Meural Canvas II is a smart painting with which you can hang hundreds of world-famous works of art on the wall at home. This digital painting has a diameter of either 21.5 or 27 inches which is 55 or 68.5 centimeters. Change the painting at any time or rotate multiple pieces. You can easily set this up using the Meural app for your smartphone or do this by moving your hand along the digital painting. Do you switch from landscape to portrait? Then you simply turn the Meural a quarter turn. The smart painting has light sensors, so the pieces shown always look lifelike. Do you prefer to show your own photo or painting? You can easily send it to the Meural via Bluetooth.

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