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The MiniBrew is a compact all-in-one, self-cleaning brewery flexible enough to trial any beer recipe on. If finding time to experiment is tough, the MiniBrew will make it all simpler, easier and cheaper. And that’s not all it can do.
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For the people that love to drink beer but also want to brew beer themselves, MiniBrew is the machine you need for fuss-free brewing. Made with food-grade materials with a top finish made of real wood, MiniBrew is a real eyecatcher in your home. The machine is fully controlled by an app and walks you through the whole brew process. While fermenting, you can check the status of the keg(s). When your beer is ready, you can drink the fresh craft beer directly from the keg! No bottles needed. If you want to brew and ferment more beers at the same time, it possible to swap more kegs.

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