Ellipse Smart Writing Set

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The Moleskine Ellipse set combines old-fashioned pen and paper with the latest technology. All your notes and drawings can be found immediately in the app.

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Easy to use and a pleasure to write, the Pen + Ellipse smart pen of Moleskine combines the natural directness to express themselves on the pages of a notebook with all the advantages of digital creativity without boundaries.

Just like Moleskine Classic pens, Pen klipt + Ellipse on every hard cover, ready to thoughts to write when inspiration strikes. The shape is inspired by the same rectangular shape, while the curved cross section corresponds to the striking rounded corners of the paper tablet.

Whether you're taking notes, outlines or plant, you can choose from a range of compatible paper sizes and layouts to create your own Smart Writing system around the Pen + Ellipse. The Smart Writing system works thanks to the Ncoded-paper technology that allows the Pen + Ellipse individual pages, different paper tablets and specific times and dates in the Smart Diary/Planner can recognize. Each stroke is recorded in real time and immediately through the Moleskine Notes app to your device and a world of connected apps and services transferred. Simply place pen on paper to words, graphics, ideas and events to move seamlessly to your smartphone or tablet. Watch the content of the page flows, ready to be developed, stored and shared on the screen.

It is also possible to write in the paper tablets without having a mobile device in your pocket. When you can be connected to a mobile device again, you can easily transfer all pages to the app.

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