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Perfect Matt Sleeps Pillow


Perfect Matt Sleeps Pillow

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The perfect pillow that offers support for both side and back sleepers. Made of sustainable materials.

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Did you know that a good pillow determines about 20% of the total sleeping comfort and that it can prevent neck and shoulder pain? Matt Sleeps has developed a unique pillow that provides perfect support, whether you enjoy sleeping on your back or your side. For people who sleep on their sides, it's important that the pillow fills the space between the shoulder and the mattress. For people who sleep on their backs, it's important that the back of the neck is filled and the back of the head is supported. That's why there are many pillows on the market specifically for people who sleep on their sides and special pillows for people who sleep on their backs.

The problem is that 80% of people turn from their back to their side and vice versa in their sleep. As a result, you often have a bad posture because your pillow is not suitable for both sleeping positions. This can cause neck pain.

Sustainable materials
This pillow has been specifically designed so that whether you enjoy sleeping on your back or on your side, the right support is offered so that you always have a good sleeping position. Due to the open cell structure of the foam, the pillow stays cool during your sleep. The top and bottom of the cover is silky soft and made out of Tencel, a natural and sustainable material from the eucalyptus tree. This material breathes well and is washable at 60 degrees, as well as the cover. 

Ventilation & support
The side of the pillow is completely surrounded by a well ventilating 3D-ventilation. This ensures that the pillow can always air properly. Besides this, the material of the pillow is equipped with 242 ventilation outlets allowing air to flow through. The pillow measures 70 x 40 cm and consists of highly pressure-reducing memory foam, cold foam and tencel. This combination feels soft and follows the contours of your neck and head. Thanks to the special high-density HR foam layer, which extends from the center of the pillow towards the sides, you get extra support. When you sleep on your back, you're more likely to sleep in the middle of the pillow.

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