Pocketalk Voice / Camera Translator

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This portable instant voice/camera translator device comes with global unlimited cellular data for 2 years with no monthly fees.

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Two-way voice translation
Pocketalk is a multi-sensory two-way translation device. Pocketalk utilises the best translation engines around the world to provide a consistently accurate experience across 74 languages, including localised dialects and slang.

Image/Camera translation
The Pocketalk camera takes a photo and the large touchscreen displays translated text directly on top of the image. Pocketalk can provide an optional audio translation for the camera-translated text as well.

Currency Conversion
Voice and text aren’t the only things to translate when travelling overseas. Quick and accurate currency conversions are critical as well, and Pocketalk is a real-time currency calculator.

Pocketalk provides translation for a lifetime of language translation needs. Each Pocketalk device includes visual translation for 74 languages and audio translation for 55 languages. View all of Pocketalk's support languages.

Built-in mobile data
Pocketalk comes with a two-year LTE data plan that provides unlimited data usage in over 130 countries. In addition, Pocketalk can communicate via Wifi, a personal hotspot or swappable SIM card.

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