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Netatmo Rain Gauge and Anemometer Pack

€169,98 €139,99

Netatmo Rain Gauge and Anemometer Pack

€169,98 €139,99
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Monitor the amount of rainfall to optimize your watering and watch your wind speed and direction to plan your activities more efficiently. This pack contains a Rain Gauge and a Wind Gauge.
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The Rain Gauge
The Rain Gauge measures rainfall in real-time and offers a cumulative rainfall total. Accurately track rainfall and correctly measure how often you should water your plants.

The Anemometer
It uses the latest ultrasound technology to reliably and accurately measure wind speed and wind direction, including wind gusts. You can set how you will receive a warning when the wind reaches a certain speed and also get more accurate sensing temperatures by using the Weather Station app.

Note: The Netatmo rain gauge and anemometer do not work independently, but only together with the Netatmo weather station.

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