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Silk'n Tightra

€349,00 €322,00

Silk'n Tightra

€349,00 €322,00
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The revolutionary Silk'n Tightra improves vaginal complaints and restores women's pleasure, control and confidence.
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After childbirth or due to hormonal changes such as menopause, a woman's intimate parts can look and feel different. Drooping labia, weakened vaginal walls, a diminished pleasure during sex, dryness or urinary leakage can cause concerns and insecurity. The revolutionary Silk’n Tightra uses the clinically tested and proven Bi-Polar Radiofrequency energy, which is able to relieve such symptoms. This safe and pain-free method gives noticeable results within four weeks.

No surgery needed
The Silk'n Tightra is the first device for the female intimate zone that you can use at home and helps to restore your confidence, control, and pleasure. Some women are troubled by the loss of sensitivity or the transformed appearance of their intimate parts. This can lead to difficulties when wearing tight clothing, cycling, doing sports or enjoying uninhibited sex. This device offers the solution for this, without any surgery. 

A vagina that feels and looks younger
The Bi-Polar radiofrequency used in this device is well known and clinically proven for its effect on collagen-containing tissue. In clinics, this technology is already widely used by doctors. Now you have the possibility to use it at home. The Bi-Polar radiofrequency energy used in the Silk’n Tightra tightens and firms the inside and the outside of the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles by the renewing the vaginal tissue, increasing the blood flow and forming elastin and collagen fibres.

Safe to use
The 16 built-in heat sensors measure the temperature of the skin during usage so that it never exceeds 42-43 ° C. In addition, the Tightra has a Touch Sensor, which ensures the device only works if it makes contact with the skin. The motion sensor ensures that the external tissue of the vagina does not overheat. The device also switches off automatically after the recommended use of 20 minutes. The shape of the Silk'n Tightra is similar to a spatula and does not cause any inconvenience during use. The device contains 16 gold and chrome electrodes, which give you a warm feeling during use. Before using, you have to apply the supplied Silk'n Intimate Gel to the device, which provides the necessary conduction of the energy from the bipolar radiofrequency.

Fast results
You can achieve noticeable results in just eight 20-minute sessions over four weeks. In between use, you can easily charge the device with the supplied USB cable and plug. You can also store the Silk'n Tightra and the included accessories in the stylish storage box. The women who have tried Silk'n Tightra and their partners report an overall improvement in sexuality and pleasure. They are also often happier and more confident about the look of their intimate parts.


Included Storage box, USB cable and plug, Silk'n Intimate Gel and instructions for use
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