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Silk'n Toothwave Electric Toothbrush


Silk'n Toothwave Electric Toothbrush

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The revolutionary electric toothbrush that does much more than any other toothbrush.
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Silk’n ToothWave

Clean your teeth in a completely new way!

Are you dealing with plaque, discolouration, stubborn stains, calculus or inflamed gums? Do you want a whiter smile and healthier gums? Discover Silk’n ToothWave! The revolutionary electric toothbrush that does much more than any other toothbrush on the market. Get your Silk’n ToothWave and go way beyond brushing!

Why Silk’n ToothWave?
  • Electric toothbrush with patented DentalRF™ technology for professional results
  • Cleans and protects the teeth on a molecular level
  • The 1st electric toothbrush to remove calculus
  • Up to 8 shades whiter teeth in just 6 weeks
  • 70% more plaque removal *
  • Removes stubborn stains with up to 79% *
  • Reduces gum inflammation with up to 72% *
  • Clinically proven, safe, gentle and effective
  • Can be used for up to 2 weeks on a full charge
  • Waterproof (IP67): suitable for use in the shower and bath
  • Includes charging cradle and USB wall adapter
  • Includes two brush heads (extra soft): small and large
DentalRF™ technology: clinically proven and patented

Silk’n ToothWave is not just a regular electric toothbrush. In fact, the results achieved with this device differ significantly from any other toothbrush you’ve ever seen before. The secret behind ToothWave is the new, clinically proven, patented and safe DentalRF™ technology. It is able to deliver results which are similar to those of a dental hygienist. Get results that were never possible for you to achieve with any other toothbrush, until now!

ToothWave focuses on improving your overall dental health, as well as the appearance of your teeth. It is the result of numerous tests on different kinds of teeth.

How does it work?

Over time and with daily use Silk’n ToothWave is able to provide you with remarkably improved oral hygiene. Not only does it remove plaque, but unlike other regular electric or manual toothbrushes it also removes teeth discolouration, stubborn stains and even calculus (tartar)! Additionally, it reduces gum inflammation and ensures healthier gums. This is all possible due to the revolutionary DentalRF™ technology.

DentalRF™ technology works by sending radiofrequency waves, consisting of charged molecules, to the surface of each tooth, even reaching under the gumline. These molecules destabilise the strong bonds that connect impurity molecules to the tooth’s surface until they are detached and washed away. Impurity molecules get replaced by new, harmless water and toothpaste molecules and create a strong protective layer. It will shield the teeth against new impurities and stop them from reattaching. You will notice that your teeth stay clean and smooth for a longer period of time.

Innovative brush heads

The brush head is an innovative, special feature of Silk'n ToothWave. It contains two electrodes and a silicone strip that lies in between. Radiofrequency waves move between the two electrodes, the silicone strip forces the waves to reach the tooth’s surface.  

To ensure the longevity of your teeth, it’s important to clean them properly and maintain your tooth enamel, the teeth’s natural protective layer. ToothWave is designed in such a way that it can do both. While DentalRF™ technology is doing all the hard work, detaching the toughest impurities from the tooth's surface in a safely manner, the brush heads are only provided with non-abrasive, soft or extra soft bristles. These bristles sweep away any loosened impurities without damaging the tooth enamel and prevent sensitivity and pain.

For your convenience two brush heads (extra soft) are included in the packaging: small and large. New replacement brush heads are sold separately. You can use ToothWave with any kind of toothpaste and there is no need to adjust your dental routine. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes and you’re good to go.

Unparalleled results

Silk’n ToothWave delivers unparalleled results, comparable with those of a dental hygienist. After 1 month, you will see an overall reduction of discolouration, stubborn stains, calculus and gum inflammation. And after 2 months, the results will be even more striking; you will clearly see that your teeth have become much cleaner, whiter and brighter. We bet that even your dentist will be pleased with these results!

Battery life: up to 2 weeks

On one full charge and with regular use (twice a day for 2 minutes) the device will work for up to 2 weeks.

3 vibration speeds

Choose between 3 vibration speeds (high, medium or low vibration) or decide to brush the teeth without any vibrations. In all 4 modes the DentalRF™ technology is active. At its highest vibration speed (recommended), ToothWave makes up to 48.000 vibrating brush strokes per minute, ensuring that loosened impurities are gently washed away.

Smart timers

Silk’n ToothWave is provided with a smart 30 second interval timer, reminding you to move to the next section. After 2 minutes of continuous use the device will automatically shut down to indicate the end of the treatment.


The device has an IP67 rating, which means that it’s waterproof and suitable for use under the shower or while taking a bath.

Safe to use on braces and dental implants

The DentalRF™ and vibration technology are suitable and safe for use on metal braces, fillings, facings and all other types of dental implants.

*compared to a regular electric toothbrush

*in just 6 weeks


Product features
Shape of brush head Round
Battery-indicator Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 years
Brushing features
Brushing technique Sonic (vibrating)
Movements per minute 48000
Timer Yes
Type of timer Every 30 seconds
Speed levels 4
Memory function No
Charging time 60 minutes
Included accessories
Number of handles 1
Number of brush heads 2
Extras Charging station and USB wall adapter
4 reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews

20 Dec 2019
Poetst erg fijn! Ff wennen aan het begin maar erg mooi product! Daarnaast zijn me tanden inmiddels een stuk witter! Bedankt!
20 Dec 2019
Vincent Hulshoff
Ben nu al een maand heel erg tevreden met mijn Toothwave! Echt een innovatie op het gebied van gebitsverzorging. De batterij gaat ongekend lang mee en ik poets nu ongemerkt ook veel langer dan voorheen. 5 sterren voor die prachtige product van Silk'n.
20 Dec 2019
Innovatie voor je gebit!
Eerst even wennen maar de tanden voelen super schoon aan. Alsof je net bij de mondhygiëniste vandaan komt. Echt een innovatie op het gebied van tandenpoetsen!! Zeker aan te raden!
20 Dec 2019
Zoveel gebruiksgemak!
Voor de Toothwave had ik een hele standaard elektrische tandenborstel die heel snel leeg ging en waarbij ik nog steeds zelf veel werk moest verrichten. Met de Toothwave kan ik makkelijk een week lang poetsen (4min per keer) en ga ik heel rustig over mijn tanden en hij maakt ook heel weinig geluid. Heel fijn om af te zijn van het geen zin hebben in poetsen. Ik geloof ook zeker dat mijn tandarts binnekort blij met mijn tanden zal zijn!