Silk'n Toothwave

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Are you dealing with plaque, discolouration, stubborn stains, calculus or inflamed gums? Do you want a whiter smile and healthier gums? Discover Silk’n ToothWave! The revolutionary electric toothbrush that does much more than any other toothbrush.
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DentalRF™ technology: Clinically proven and patented

The Silk'n Toothwave is no regular toothbrush. Thanks to the DentalRF ™ technology - which uses radio waves to clean your teeth at molecular level - the ToothWave can deliver results that are comparable to those of a dental hygienist; dental plaque, discolouration, stubborn stains and sensitive gums are no problem for this toothbrush. In addition, this is even the first toothbrush that is able to remove tartar.
The Toothwave lasts up to 2 weeks on a single battery charge. Thanks to the IP67 waterproof, it is also suitable for use in the shower or in bath.

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