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Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope


Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope

The soft whispers of comets, the acidic colors of nebulae, the silkiness of the Milky Way. Aboard STELLINA. We Travel, Picture, Share and Discover the visible and the invisible of space.

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A SONY sensor offering extremely high sensitivity
Sony has developed a back-illuminated structure CMOS image sensor with 2.4 µm unit pixel and 14 bit ADC which provides all three advantages necessary for astrophotography: high resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range.

A rare optical system combining compactness and performance
Vaonis has developed an optical system inspired by the biggest professional observatories combined with the refractor lenses used by amateurs in search of excellence. That is the origin of the refractor-reflector system Nasmyth focus present in each STELLINA.

Details and colors revealed through image processing
Thanks to its 4 cores at 1.4Ghz and its embedded graphics processor, STELLINA is the world’s most powerful all-in-one stargazing instrument. The image processing algorithms used are developped by experts who worked in the largest astronomical observatories, guaranteeing you images of exceptional detail.

Vaonis teamed up with the world’s best tripod manufacturer Gitzo to equip all of its STELLINA observation stations.

A high quality tripod
All Gitzo products are made with high quality materials and assembled by hand in Italy. Combining its French origins with today’s Italian design offices, Gitzo offers state-of-the-art camera stands using recent materials such as lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloys.

Inspired by the Systematic range
The Gitzo Systematic line is the high-end collection of tripods from the brand which offers the best stability and robustness. Made with eXact 100% carbon fiber tubes and innovative design, they represent the high quality and performance that Gitzo demands.


Weight 11.2 kg
Measurements 49 x 39 x 13 cm
Power supply USB type-C 5.1V/2.4A input
Battery life 5 hours of use with a 10,000mAh portable battery
Water resistance IP53
Included accessories Tripod (1.3 kg), 10,000mAh portable battery, cable
Control Smartphone/Tablet
Application Deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebula, star clusters), the Moon
Lens Apochromatic ED doublet with lanthanum glass
Aperture 80 mm
Focal length 400 mm
Focal ratio F/5
Image sensor 1/1.8" CMOS Sony
Resolution 3096 x 2080 pixels (6.4M)
File formats JPEG ; TIFF ; FITS (16-bit raw images)
Field of view 1° x 0.7°
Magnification Equivalent to 50x and up to 100x with digital zoom
Mount Alt-azimuth
Alignement Automatic initialization with star field recognition
Focus Automated
Pointing Automated
Image processing Adapted to each object, Real time image stacking
Filter Light pollution (CLS)
Field derotator Mechanical and automated
Dew control Integrated heater
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