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Invitalis Vitaly Med Flexi massage device


Invitalis Vitaly Med Flexi massage device

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Vitaly Med Flexi shiatsu massage device for neck, shoulders, back etc.
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The Vitaly Med Flexi makes a firm rotating movement inspired by the Shiatsu massage technique. In addition, the infrared function warms the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. The combination of pressure and friction through the massage and the heating of the infrared ensures that muscle knots are massaged loose and the muscles will feel supple again. A massage is also good for the metabolism and helps your body to remove waste products faster, so you will feel more energetic. You can easily apply the Vitaly Med Flexi to multiple body parts, such as the neck, back, arms, legs and feet.


1. In stress: a relaxing massage stimulates the production of the happiness hormone endorphins and reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol. So take your moment of rest before, during or after a busy day and enjoy a stress-reducing massage.

2. With muscle pain: the hormone endorphins mentioned above are sometimes called the body's own pain reliever. An increased endorphin level through massage therefore also works perfectly as a pain reliever for muscle pain or even injuries.

3. For tense or stiff muscles: the combination of massage and infrared improves blood circulation, so that the muscles will become supple again.

4. With overload: tired or overloaded muscles also benefit from a relaxing massage. Relaxation and improved blood circulation will help your muscles recover faster after a workout or injury.


  • Shiatsu massage technique
  • Infrared heat radiation
  • Being able to apply the massage device yourself without the help of others
  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight and therefore easy to carry
  • Can be used locally (neck, back, shoulder, arms, legs, feet, hands)
  • Four massage heads, natural massage feeling
  • Three meter cord
  • Car adapter included
  • TÜV approved
  • Artificial leather in connection with hygienic reasons
  • Plus X Award
  • Five-year warranty
Weight 1.9KG
Material Vegan leather
Power 110-240v / 12v-24v / 50Hz
Power usage 25w
Cord 3 meters
Plugs EU plug, 12v car plug

Massage technique shiatsu
Heath infrared
Certificate TUV approved
Awards Plus X Award (DE)
Warranty 5 year full warranty
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