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Wavy X2 earplugs - Designed for adventure


Wavy X2 earplugs - Designed for adventure

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The Wavy X2 Earplugs are reusable, universal hearing protectors specially developed to be worn all day.

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Designed for adventure.
Wavy X2 is designed for adventure. Perfectly shaped for stable grip and comfort. Expertly tuned to let in high-quality sound and keep harmful noise and water out. Built to last for extreme conditions and long-term use.

Waterproof & durable built for extreme conditions.
Do you enjoy water sports, swimming or windsurfing?
Then Wavy X2 is a valuable addition to your swimming accessories in addition to your swimming goggles, wetsuit, nose clip.
The unique earplug model keeps water out and high-quality sound in.
The ear sleeves provide a steady and secure grip so that you never lose your earplugs.

Festivals, concerts and events
Now party longer and harder without hurting your ear.

Due to the natural damping, the Wavy X2 is suitable for musicians, dampen the sound of your drum kit, (electric) guitar or saxophone without distorting the sound.
Also suitable for working in loud environments such as; Concert & Event Photography and Backstage crew.

Traveling, holidays or trips by plane
In addition to your neck pillow, travel games and sleeping mask, the Wavy X2 earplugs are an indispensable item in your travel accessories. Mute the ambient noise and arrive at your destination rested.

Living and working
Wavy X2 earplugs help you to mute the ambient noise for better concentration.

Product features:
1. Durable, waterproof & reusable design.
2. Natural 16dB attenuation audio filters.
3. Extra universal grip ear sleeves.

Product Advantages:
1. Protects against loud harmful noise and ear infections from water in ear.
2. Developed for a firm and comfortable grip in the ear.

In the package:
- 2x Earplugs with natural 16dB attenuation sound filters.
- 1x X2 Earplugs storage box.
- 2x X2 Grip ear sleeves.
- 1x Safety cord.
- 6x Waterproof interchangeable silicone ear tips sizes small, medium and large.
- 1x Earplugs cord.
Note extra ear tips are placed in the earbud storage case under the green centerpiece.

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