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He turned his "cannot" into "can" and his dreams into plans.
About me
About me
My name is Alex and I’m a fitness trainer at the cycling studio. Since the very young age, I’ve been cycling as much as I could and thankfully I was able to transform my passion into my real job. During spring and summer seasons I create a special route, which I and a small group of my students follow when we go on a trip. I believe it’s the best way to travel, as you can enjoy the fresh air, sunlight and picturesque views.
Commuting has never been more fun with my favourite Super73 bike!
Parliament Wallet
Ekster wallets let me keep all my essentials at one place in the most convenient way.
Video Doorbell 3
Video doorbell by Ring helps me keep an eye on my home during my trips.
Vitaly Med Gun
Helps me relax my muscles after work or even recover faster after a work-out.