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Around The World With Arjen & Sara
#travelcouplegoals but different, we take you on our world trip and show you what it really is like!
About me
About me
We are Arjen and Sara and 2 years ago we decided it was the right time to start chasing our dream. We left everything behind and with nothing more than hand luggage we went out into the world. Every day we are even happier with our choice and can definitely recommend everyone to follow their dreams regardless! On our Instagram (@aroundtheworldwithus_) we give a glimpse into our lives and show you that it is indeed possible to quit your job, go on a world trip and never look back. We share our most fantastic experiences, but also the drawbacks because we want to give a good (and above all honest) picture of what life is like while traveling. As now seasoned backpackers, we are always looking for useful things that make life just a little easier while traveling.
Parliament Wallet
One of your biggest fears as a traveler: losing your important belongings. With this super thin, mega handy card that is a thing of the past. And on solar energy too!
Self-cleaning Water Bottle
When traveling, we are constantly looking for ways to use as little disposable plastic as possible. With this bottle, you can clean your water yourself and plastic bottles are a thing of the past!
5-in-1 MultiLens Case for iPhone 11 Pro
About 90% of the photos on our Instagram were taken seriously with our phone. This way you also always have a set of 5 lenses at hand, including zoom and macro (20x!)
T5 True Wireless
Nothing is better than being able to retreat to some music every now and then while traveling. Since I switched to wireless earbuds I don't want to go back! These also last for another 8 hours and have fantastic sound.
Lexon Design
Mino L Bluetooth Speaker
With the size of a coffee cup, this speaker is perfect for traveling!