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Simplicity is the key to happiness. Opening the new horizons.
About me
About me
Originally I came from Ukraine to study here, in the Netherlands. I love traveling so much, discovering new places, and meeting new people. This is my passion that brings me to a dream of having a one year of only traveling and exploring countries that are still unknown to me!
Laptop Stand - Universal Version
A nice tool for the studying period. Also good to be used while watching a movie.
Self-cleaning Water Bottle
Simple. Stylish. It is essential that it can clean the water, which is very important with nowadays environmental problems.
WATT Fietsen
Beautiful style. Highly necessary to use in the Netherlands.
evaSMART Air Cooler
Good for the summer. Quite a small size -- that's good. Changes colors, which is amazing for a cozy atmosphere at home.
5-in-1 MultiLens Case for iPhone 11 Pro
An interesting case to have. Especially for nice Instagram pictures while travelling.