YOS Bottle

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With the YOS Bottle you always have your medicine with you and the water to take them. Or use the pill-compartment seperately! Compact design and easy to carry.
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Never forget taking your medicine anymore, with the YOS Bottle.

With the advanced sliding system the medicine box can easily be slid from - and onto - the bottle, so that you can also use the medicine box separately. The medicine box contains seven compartments to take your medicines or supplements with you for the entire week and to organize them per day.

The YOS Bottle consists of sustainable materials and is produced in the Netherlands. Cleaning in the dishwasher (max. 65 degrees Celsius) is no problem. All materials are carefully selected, BPA-free and recyclable.

Often on the road? Thanks to the compact and smart design, the YOS Bottle is easy to carry and fits in almost any handbag.

5% of the turnover of every YOS bottle is donated to Support Casper! A campaign by Casper van Eijk that investigates treatment methods for pancreatic cancer.

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